Our current job offer

Businessman/Businesswoman for freight forwarding and logistics service

We also educate professionals working with us! Let yourself be inspired by an exciting and diversified job! Merchants for forwarding and logistics services are the architects of transportation. They organise the shipping, handling and storage of goods and sell transport and logistics services, regardless of the means of transport (truck, plane, ship or train).

Merchants for freight forwarding and logistics services are mainly employed by forwarding companies and companies in the field of cargo handling and warehousing. In addition, they work in companies active in the carriage of goods by road, rail or shipping, as well as cargo airlines or parcel and courier services.

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Typical tasks of the position for Businessman/Businesswoman for freight forwarding and logistics service 

  • – to plan and organise the shipment of goods, transshipment and storage and other logistical services in compliance with relevant legislation and the interests of the environmental protection
  • – control and monitor the interaction of the persons and institutions involved in logistics chains
  • – use possibilities of the summary of transmissions to larger loading units
  • – get the insurance cover
  • – take into account customs and foreign trade regulations
  • – use information and communication technologies
  • – obtain information and provide it
  • – correspond and communicate with foreign business partners and customers in English and process English-language documents
  • – determine customer requirements, advise and serve customers
  • – identify and evaluate service offerings in the transport and logistics market
  • – calculate prices
  • – work out offers and prepare contracts
  • – handle customer complaints and claims and initiate claims settlements
  • – execute payment transactions and dunning processes
  • – contribute to the determination of costs and revenues as well as the commercial control,
  • – monitor the market and contribute to the further development of the company’s service offering; they help build networks for groupage. transport and delivery of cargo shipments.
  • – work in the development of logistics concepts

Vocational training

We offer the generally three-year  dual training , customary in industry and commerce, being a recognised profession according to the  Vocational Training Act  (BBiG). A certain education is not required by law.

Since the entry into force of the Ordinance on vocational training as a Businessman/Businesswoman for freight forwarding and logistics services, special emphasis has been placed on modern freight forwarding and logistics services as well as on information technology, safety in freight transport and the English language.

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