Founding the Cleff Company in 1951 by the shipping merchant Hermann Cleff.

In the years from 1951 to 1966 the Hermann Cleff Spedition was active as a pure maritime shipping company. On  01.04.1966  today’s managing director Hans-Günter Tillmann joins the company. After the death of founder and  owner Hermann Cleff in June 1966, the then 24-year-old employee Hans-Günter Tillmann takes over the management of the company and continuously expands its pools of services and portfolio.

In august 1969 the today oldest employee and authorised signatory Horst Dieter Lenk began his training as a forwarding merchant.In 1978 took place the transformation of the forwarding company into a GmbH.

In September 1983, the current managing  director Theodor Cleve began his training as a forwarding merchant. In March 1984, the already trained forwarding merchant and later authorised representative Frank Lange was hired.

Since 1990 Spedition Hermann Cleff has been pursuing the continuous development and expansion of the Spain department.

On August 01, 2009, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of our Horst-Dieter Lenk. Expansion of the service portfolio in 2010 by taking over a 1,000 square meter warehouse on Lahnstrasse in Mühlheim an der Ruhr.

Since January 2013, additional country relations have been added to the portfolio. (DK, SWE, PL, AT, CZ) .

On 01 April 2016 we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hans-Günter Tillmann.

After 47 years of employment, Horst Dieter Lenk leaves us in the deserved retirement.

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